Detailed descriptions

"On this piece is the verse Hebrews 7:3 on it. This verse says 'Having neither Father or Mother he shall remain a Priest forever'.


This is a verse about Melkezindek. He is a bit of mystery in the Bible. Some people believe he is still alive to this day witnessing the sin of Mankind.

In the piece I did he is looking out a window watching the crucifiaction of  Jesus. The thumb you see against the stone of the window belongts to Melkezindek.


The problem with this piece is the perspective is all wrong - the lines of the bricks and angles of the walls - everything is wrong."


Fulfilment  HEBREWS 7:3 by Blake
Fulfilment HEBREWS 7:3 by Blake

Without father or mother, without genealogy, without beginning of days or end of life, resembling the Son of God, he remains a priest forever.