"The Three Rooms"

"Before"                             "And"                                   "After"


"These were extremely difficult paintings for me to create. They are one of the favorites of my works. All three pieces are water colors. They create a set, they go together. I called these pieces 'Before', 'And', 'After'. The first one of the series is the one with the dirty floor and dirty walls. The second one is where the place is cleaned up. The third one is when it is now lived in and is a beautiful home now.


If you look closely at the 'After' pieces, you are looking at a door into a second room with a plant, and then deeper into a third room. Throughut these rooms you can see the sun reflecting on the floors. I really love the Sofa all the way back in the third room with the sun light splashing upon the back of the Sofa. And the book shelves with each book pain-stakingly painted on the shelves.

There are no water marks on these paintings. A water mark is caused by putting too wet of a paint over the top of a dry paint. It causes a stain, or water mark. Water marks are very hard to avoid in watercolor painting. It took a lot of very patient time to do. I am so very happy that they finally found a loving home.