Blueprint Sketch by Norman Blake McKenzie
Blueprint Sketch by Blake

Blakes Passion For lines & Art

"From very young age I was always fascinated by lines drawn on paper. Particularly perfect lines. It matters not the shape of the line. Though I don't think I could express in words what constitutes a perfect line. I only know it is a feeling I get when I see one.


I dont believe a person must be an artist to know  a perfect line when they see one. Perfection can be seen by everyone. I have chased that elusive perfection most of my life. But I don't think I've ever created a "Perfect" piece of art. I have created art that has caused that special feeling to rise up within me, but only because of some small portion of a painting I have done. For me art is about that elusive feeling. I hope that as you view the art I've created it will bring a welling within you... and perhapts you too may see some small portion of perfection as well."